Health Crisis In Pune | Alarming Conjunctivitis Outbreak Hits Alandi, 1560 Cases Reported in 4 Days


Pune: Health Crisis In Pune | Alandi Municipality in Pune District is facing a sudden outbreak of conjunctivitis, with a staggering 1560 cases reported in the last four days. Most of the cases involve children residing in various institutes within the municipality. The district administration has taken immediate action to contain the spread and has initiated thorough inspections to assess the situation.

The onset of monsoon often brings with it various outbreaks, and Alandi has been hit hard by the contagious eye infection. On Monday, 450 cases were reported, followed by 740 on Tuesday, 210 on Wednesday, and 160 on Thursday. The escalating numbers have raised concerns among health officials.

Ayush Prasad, the Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad, highlighted that the affected area houses several educational institutions, where the outbreak seems to have originated. The district administration swiftly responded, conducting examinations of all those affected. A team from the National Institute of Virology (NIV) is set to visit Alandi, accompanied by the Civil Surgeon, to provide further insights and assistance.

To prevent further spread, precautionary measures have been implemented, and all schools in the region may be closed if the number of new cases does not decrease significantly. Authorities have also requested Pimpri Chinchwad and neighboring gram panchayats to conduct house-to-house inspections. Alandi Rural Hospital has appointed two ophthalmologists to attend to the affected children, providing them with free case papers.

While efforts are underway to contain the outbreak, parents have been advised to consider sending their children home until the situation is under control. The district administration remains vigilant in curbing the spread of the infection and ensuring the health and safety of the community in Alandi.

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