Monsoon Tourism | Tourist Safety Measures in Place as Monsoon Tourism Thrives in Pune Division
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Pune : Monsoon Tourism | As the monsoon rains grace the state of Maharashtra, tourists are flocking to the picturesque destinations of the Pune division for monsoon tourism. However, amidst the excitement, the risk of accidents cannot be ignored. In light of this, the Forest Department is issuing warnings at various tourist spots, and the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) is implementing security measures to ensure the safety of visitors.


The Pune district boasts a network of dams, with 25 major dams built across the five rivers that flow through the region. These dams not only provide water for the people of Pune but also contribute to the agricultural needs of the rural areas. Alongside these rivers, including Mutha, Mula, Ghod, Bhima, and Nira, the district is adorned with scenic spots such as Malshej, Lonavala, Bhaje, Karle, Mahabaleshwar, Pachgani, and Koyna Dam, which attract tourists during the monsoon season.


This year, the monsoon arrived late, but with heavy rains lashing the ghats, tourists are already thronging the waterfalls and wetlands in various locations. The rain-soaked roads, slippery footpaths, and the risk of landslides pose a significant danger. Additionally, there have been reports of unruly behavior and misconduct by some tourists, leading to accidents and putting a strain on the system.


To address these concerns, the MTDC, in collaboration with the Forest Department, has identified and marked hazardous areas at Malshej, Koyna Dharan, Sinhagad, Panshet, and other popular sites. Notice boards have been installed, and iron fences have been erected to prevent tourists from accessing dangerous locations, including popular selfie points.


The safety measures extend to tourist destinations such as Koynanagar, Mahabaleshwar, Karla, and other areas where necessary instructions and guidance are provided to visitors. Selfie points have been removed, and iron bars have been installed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for tourists. The MTDC urges all tourists to prioritize their safety while enjoying the wonders of monsoon tourism in Pune Division.


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