Kolhapur, Dec 28 (UNI)- In a joint action with district police, Andhra Pradesh police on Thursday nabbed two brothers in Hupari in Hatkananle tehsil of this district for cheating people lakhs of rupees in AP by luring them to give more money through various industries.

The alleged accused, Rajendra Bhimrao Nerlekar and his brother Anil, used to contact people in AP, luring them into giving them more money for starting industries like goat maintenance.

In a search investigation, AP police arrived here and, with the help of district police, raided suspected Nerlekar’s residence when a ‘puja’ was going on at the residence of both brothers and arrested them.

Incidentally, a few days ago, Jain community ‘Muni’ Nimittasagar Maharaj staged a hunger strike in front of residents of accused Nerlekar for cheating Muni for allegedly Rs 350 crore. The police are investigating further.

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