Pune Crime News | Attack on Anti-Encroachment Squad in Kharadi; Five Arrested
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Vadgaon Sheri – Pune Crime News | A shocking incident of attack on the anti-encroachment team from the Pune Municipal Corporation took place at Kharadi on Tuesday (25th). A group of unauthorized vegetable sellers assaulted the team with wooden sticks and iron rods, leading to chaos and disruption in the area. However, swift action by the Chandannagar police resulted in the arrest of five suspected accused involved in the attack.

The incident unfolded when Assistant Encroachment Inspector Kunal Munde (24, resident of Bopkhel) and his team, under the guidance of Encroachment Inspector Bhimaji Shinde, were conducting operations against illegal vendors occupying footpaths in Vadgaon Sheri Vimannagar, and Kharadi areas.

At Sweet India Chowk in Kharadi, the vendors, angered by the team’s actions, resorted to throwing vegetables on the road in protest. This escalated quickly as they turned violent, attacking and beating the encroachment team.

Upon learning about the grave incident, the head of encroachment at Pune Municipal Corporation, along with the Commissioner, immediately ordered the registration of a complaint at the police station. Consequently, a case was filed against those who obstructed government work, verbally abused, and physically assaulted the officials.

Senior Police Inspector Rajendra Landge of Chandan Nagar Police Station confirmed that the five suspects, identified as Balasaheb Kisan Gayasmudre (49), Sumit Sunil Giri (21), Shekhar Balasaheb Gayasamudre (21), Sunil Bandu Giri (45), and Ganesh Balasaheb Gayasamudre (19) – all residents of Kharadi, have been arrested.

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