Pune Crime News | Shocking! Wife and nephew shot dead by Assistant Commissioner of Police in Pune; Amravati ACP commits suicide in Pune’s Baner-Balewadi area


Pune: Pune Crime News | A shocking incident of Amravati Assistant Commissioner of Police Bharat Gaikwad killing his wife and nephew with a pistol took place in Baner-Balewadi area. After killing his wife and nephew, Assistant Commissioner of Police Gaikwad committed suicide by shooting himself.

Assistant Commissioner Gaikwad’s wife Moni Bharat Gaikwad (age 44) and nephew Deepak Gaikwad (age 35) have died in this incident. Assistant Commissioner Gaikwad is Assistant Commissioner of Police in Rajpeth Division in Amravati. He had come to Pune as it was a holiday on Saturday. Gaikwad, his wife, two children and nephew lived in Balewadi area in Pune. On Sunday midnight, Gaikwad shot his wife Moni and nephew Deepak with a pistol. He then committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol.

After getting the information that Gaikwad had committed suicide, the police rushed to the spot. The police have seized the pistol from Gaikwad. Gaikwad had taken the pistol for private use. The police informed that he has a weapon license. Meanwhile, information about why Gaikwad killed his wife and nephew could not be obtained. Chaturshrungi police are investigating the matter.

Senior Police Inspector Balaji Pandhre visited the spot.

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