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Pune Hinjewadi Traffic | Punekars Demand Action: Traffic Jams Plague Hinjewadi-Man Road

Pune Hinjewadi Traffic | Punekars Demand Action: Traffic Jams Plague Hinjewadi-Man Road

Pune : Pune Hinjewadi Traffic |  Traffic congestion on the Hinjewadi-Man road leading to Phase 3 has become a persistent issue for motorists, causing significant delays and inconvenience. The road, registered as Ghotavade-Bebad Ohol State Highway, is a single lane, which is insufficient to handle the heavy traffic flow. Commuters traveling to Pune via Mhalunge, IT park employees, and residents of newly developed societies heavily rely on this road, leading to increased congestion during the monsoon season. Unfortunately, the lack of attention from the police administration and the traffic department has exacerbated the problem.

Citizens and commuters have been urging the authorities to take immediate action by appointing traffic staff and wardens, as well as providing them with necessary instructions. Mandevi Chowk in Man is a particularly troublesome area, where the narrow road leads to blockages on both sides, resulting in significant traffic congestion. On a recent Tuesday morning, the situation was no different, with vehicles stranded for about three hours. The efforts of the villagers and the Gram Panchayat employees helped to some extent, but the absence of traffic department staff was evident.

Archana Sachin Adhav, the Sarpanch of Man Gram Panchayat, emphasized that repeated requests have been made to the traffic department to address the traffic woes in Man. Correspondence has been exchanged on this matter, but unfortunately, there has been no response from the police and traffic department. The Gram Panchayat staff has taken the initiative to alleviate traffic congestion during such situations. However, it is crucial to have dedicated traffic staff appointed for the morning and evening hours to ensure smoother traffic flow.

In response to the concerns, Ganesh Pawar, Assistant Police Inspector of the Traffic Division in Hinjewadi, acknowledged the frequent traffic jams in Man. The traffic branch has assigned some mobile vehicles to address the issue and has made efforts to mitigate the congestion, achieving some success. However, further endeavors will be undertaken to resolve the ongoing traffic problems in the area.

The residents and commuters of Man and the surrounding areas eagerly await the implementation of effective measures to alleviate the traffic congestion on the Hinjewadi-Man road. The appointment of dedicated traffic staff, improved road infrastructure, and coordinated efforts between the police, traffic department, and local authorities will be crucial in ensuring smoother and more efficient traffic management.

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Pune Hinjewadi Traffic | Punekars Demand Action: Traffic Jams

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