Pune News | Archeology Department’s Barricades Breached; Tourists Overrun Rajgad Fort


Pune: Pune News | In a disturbing turn of events, hundreds of tourists thronged the historic Rajgad Fort on Sunday, defying safety barricades put up by the Archeology Department, even as concerns mounted over the collapsing ravine. The surge of visitors not only jeopardized their own safety but also raised questions about the lack of proper management and safety measures in place.

The popular tourist destinations of Tornagad and Rajgad were teeming with crowds from the early hours of the day, eager to explore the scenic beauty during the monsoon season. However, the situation soon spiraled out of control as tourists broke through barricades intended to keep them safe from the unstable terrain.

According to Bapu Sable, a watchman stationed at Rajgad Fort, some tourists resorted to brawling to force their way past the barricades, displaying a blatant disregard for their own safety and that of others.

The precarious situation was not confined to Rajgad alone, as the nearby Sinhagad Fort and Khadakwasla Dam Chowpatty also witnessed an influx of visitors, adding to the traffic woes and causing further concerns for safety.

The Archeology Department had closed the road leading to Rajgad Fort on Saturday due to a landslide, taking precautionary measures for the safety of visitors. However, the barricades were not enough to deter the determined tourists who breached them on Sunday morning.

Adding to the complexities, the Department of Archeology appears to be grappling with a manpower shortage, leading to lapses in implementing safety protocols and properly maintaining the area. Moreover, the failure to install warning signs on routes like Gunjwane and Pal Khurd has left visitors unaware of the closure, leading to chaotic situations.

In a concerning revelation, it was reported that a staggering 1436 vehicles, comprising 363 four-wheelers and 1073 two-wheelers, made their way to Sinhagad on the same day. The influx of traffic paralyzed the parking lot, leaving no space for more vehicles and leading to severe congestion in the vicinity.

To prevent further accidents and mishaps, the Ghat road leading to Sinhagad had to be closed for an hour, compounding the traffic problems in the area.

The Forest Department, while grappling with the challenges of maintaining natural treasures, collected around one lakh rupees in toll from motorists visiting the fort during the day. However, these funds need to be utilized more effectively to ensure the safety and security of tourists.

The incident at Rajgad Fort serves as a wake-up call to authorities and demands immediate attention. Citizens and tourists alike have urged the Municipal Corporation and the Department of Archeology to work in tandem and implement robust measures to safeguard visitors.

As tourists flock to these picturesque locations, it is the responsibility of the authorities to prioritize safety and infrastructure development. A timely resolution is needed to ensure that such historical gems can be enjoyed without compromising the well-being of visitors.

Tourists have voiced their demand for the immediate installation of notice boards at strategic points, disseminating information about road closures and potential risks. By taking such steps, the administration can keep tourists informed and avoid chaotic situations like the one witnessed at Rajgad Fort.

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