Pune PCMC News | After Alandi, PCMC on High Alert as ‘Pink Eye’ Infection Spreads in Schools


Pune: Pune PCMC News | Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, has become a cause for concern in a school located in Pimpri Chinchwad, with over 65 cases being recorded in a single day. The outbreak comes soon after a similar occurrence in Alandi, located a few kilometers away.

Conjunctivitis outbreaks are common during the monsoon season due to increased humidity and stagnant water, creating favorable conditions for the infection to spread.

This contagious eye infection has prompted the local authorities, both the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), to take preventive measures and control its further spread. With monsoon being the prime season for conjunctivitis cases, the health officials are closely monitoring the situation and ensuring that medical facilities are well-equipped to handle the situation.

It may be recalled that 8 days ago, Alandi in Pune District was facing a similar situation wherein, a sudden outbreak of conjunctivitis was witnessed, with a staggering 1560 cases reported in the last four days.

Laxman Gophane, the PCMC Medical Officer, confirmed the outbreak in the Bhosari school and also noted some cases reported from Kudalwadi. He assured that the cases have been mild in nature, but they are vigilant in their response. Meanwhile, PMC has taken proactive steps to conduct eye check-ups for all children in schools. PMC Assistant Medical Officer Suryakant Devkar explained that children with symptoms such as redness, teary eyes, or irritation will be immediately isolated and given appropriate medical attention.

It has been observed that most of the cases of pink eye are seen more often in children than adults. Most of the cases involve children residing in various institutes within the municipality. Before PCMC when the Alandi area saw a surge in the pink eye cases the district administration took immediate action to contain the spread and had initiated thorough inspections to assess the situation.

Now, the health authorities are working in coordination with the Poona Ophthalmological Society and the Pediatric Association to identify any significant rise in cases from specific areas. Private schools have also been alerted, and they have been requested to monitor students for any signs of eye infection.

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