Pune Schools | Ahead of PM Modi’s Visit, Pune Schools Shift Gears to Virtual Classrooms


Pune: Pune Schools | As the city bustling with anticipation as it prepares to host Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a momentous occasion on August 1, has inspired local schools to take proactive measures to ensure uninterrupted education for their students. As the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Award awaits the Prime Minister’s acceptance, and various city development projects are set to be inaugurated, schools in Camp, Kalyani Nagar, and Koregaon Park are gearing up to conduct online sessions for primary and pre-primary students.

Recognizing the potential disruptions in daily routines caused by the expected traffic during the Prime Minister’s visit, schools have decided to move their classes online. The decision was communicated to students and parents through official email communications, ensuring everyone is well-informed about the temporary shift in the teaching approach.

During the Prime Minister’s visit, the online sessions will commence from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon, with the pre-primary section concluding their classes at 11:00 am. This carefully devised schedule aims to strike a balance between providing quality education and ensuring the safety and convenience of the students during the high-profile event.

To facilitate seamless and efficient virtual learning experiences, the schools have advised their students to verify and ensure that their login credentials, including the ID and password, are up-to-date and fully functional. By doing so, the institutions seek to mitigate any potential technical hitches that might arise during the transition to online classes.

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