Pune: Supriya Sule reacts to Ajit Pawar’s statement; to file her nominations Thursday (Videos)


Pune: NCP (SP) MP Supriya Sule has reacted to NCP (AP) President Ajit Pawar’s statement at a meeting with traders in Baramati, where Ajit Pawar told the business community that they should vote his party’s candidate in return of funds that he would grant to their association.

Reacting to this statement Sule coined a new slogan for her party saying, ‘Ram Krishna Hari, Vajva Tutari’ (people should vote for her party if they want to avoid such give-and-take proposed by Ajit Pawar). She was interacting with the media before proceeding to file her nominations.

Sule said, “I am thankful to those who elected me as their MP for three consecutive terms. I am going to file my nomination papers so that people can send me to Delhi as their MP for the fourth time. My responsibility has increased. My fight is not with any individual. It is an ideological fight. Please listen to my speeches in the Lok Sabha. I have been speaking for the people’s welfare.

“At present, all ruling alliance members are criticizing Sharad Pawar. They know that this becomes news. BJP leader Chandrakant Patil has been continuously saying that they wanted to end Sharad Pawar’s political life. It is a conspiracy not only against Sharad Pawar but against Maharashtra. The BJP is now openly saying what they have been hiding for so many years.

“I am always asked about the Pawar vs Pawar fight. I do not spoil my relations with my close relatives. Politics does not drive a wedge between our relations.”

When asked to comment on Ajit Pawar’s claim that she has done nothing for the constituency, she said, “Probably, he has not read my work report. I will send it to him. He will vote for me on the basis of merit.”

Sule to file nominations today

Supriya Sule is the candidate of the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA). She is going to file her nominations today amidst display of power. Important MVA leaders, including Sharad Pawar and Sanjay Raut, will be present.

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