Sharad Pawar | PM Modi is going to inaugurate a half finished metro project, says Sharad Pawar
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Pune : Policenama online Sharad Pawar | Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to visit Pune on Sunday to inaugurate the Pune Metro project. However, NCP President Sharad Pawar has taken potshots at the prime minister. He was speaking at a press conference on Saturday.


“Prime Minister Modi is coming to Pune. If he has to attend some programmes, then there is no need to complain. The metro is going to be started. The chief of the metro project had invited me one month ago to see the project. I had travelled in the metro but I realised that the work is not complete. Now, the project is being inaugurated despite the fact that it has not been completed. I don’t have any complaints,” Pawar said.


“Modi is coming to attend a development programme. However, the scope of the Pune River Rejuvenation Project has been reduced and some facilities are being developed nearby. I am not an engineer but I know how many dams are located upstream. If a cloudburst happens and if the width of the river is reduced, then I am worried where the water will go. Since the prime minister is coming, I hope he has thought about these things. In the event of any calamity, the nearby villages will be badly affected,’’ he added.


Speaking on the Nawab Malik issue, he targeted the BJP. “Even Narayan Rane had also been arrested. Did you take the decision of dropping him from the ministry,’’ he added.


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