Azad Hind Express | Pune-Howrah Azad Hind Express Faces Persistent Schedule Disruptions


Pune : Azad Hind Express | The Pune-Howrah Azad Hind Express has experienced a series of schedule disruptions over the past two months, leading to inconvenience for passengers. With numerous changes and cancellations, this daily train service has struggled to maintain its regular operations. In May and June alone, the train witnessed 42 instances of schedule alterations, and it was canceled three times during this period. Adding to the frustration, the Azad Hind Express recently arrived in Pune a day behind its expected arrival time.


The train’s schedule has undergone a significant number of changes in recent months. In May, the timetable was modified 20 times, with two cancellations. June saw an even greater frequency of alterations, with 22 schedule changes and one cancellation. This means that within a span of two months, there have been a total of 45 instances of rescheduling or cancellations, accounting for 75 percent of the train’s scheduled runs.


Passengers have been greatly inconvenienced by the constant changes to the train schedule. Many individuals have expressed their frustration, as they find themselves facing unexpected delays and alterations to their travel plans, even after making reservations well in advance. Railway sources attribute the disruptions to ongoing railway works in sections such as Bilaspur and Raipur, which the Pune-Howrah Azad Hind Express traverses.


The persistently disrupted schedule of the Pune-Howrah Azad Hind Express underscores the challenges faced by both passengers and railway authorities in maintaining consistent operations. Efforts to minimize schedule changes and cancellations will be crucial to ensure a smoother travel experience for passengers relying on this important train route


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