Pune News | Concerns Arise as Contact Lost with Pune Tourists in Himachal Pradesh


Pune : Pune News | Worry and apprehension have gripped the relatives of 17 Pune citizens who embarked on a tourism venture to Himachal Pradesh. As two days have passed without any contact from these individuals, their families reached out to the district administration seeking assistance. Fortunately, on Tuesday, contact was established with ten of the tourists, and their relatives informed the district administration that they were in a safe location. However, the remaining seven tourists remain uncontacted, prompting the district administration to notify the state government of the situation.


Himachal Pradesh, the northern state where the tourists are currently located, is currently grappling with heavy rainfall and devastating floods. This natural calamity has disrupted life in the region. It is a popular destination for many citizens from Pune seeking a getaway. The families of the 17 individuals, who traveled to Manali in the Himalayas from Chandigarh for tourism between July 4 and 9, reported to the district administration that they had been unable to establish contact with their loved ones.


While news arrived that ten of the tourists had been reached and were safe, the lack of communication with the remaining seven raised concerns. In response, the district administration promptly informed the state government, which is now coordinating with the local administration in Himachal Pradesh to locate the missing individuals. The district administration assured the public that efforts are underway to establish contact with the concerned persons and ensure their well-being.


As the situation unfolds, the families and friends of the missing tourists anxiously await news of their safety. The district administration and state government are working diligently to resolve this distressing situation and provide support to the affected families.



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