Pune News | Naneghat's Monsoon Tourism Surges with 6,000+ Visitors in a Weekend
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Junnar : Pune News | Monsoon tourism at Naneghat witnessed a staggering turnout of over 6,000 tourists during the weekend of Saturday, 15th, and Sunday, 16th. Visitors flocked to this historic site to experience the dense fog that enveloped the valley, the chilly winds, and the refreshing rain.


The Nuisance Charge Station, managed by the Joint Forest Management Committee at Ghatghar, registered a total of 1,950 vehicles, including 1,092 two-wheelers and 858 four-wheelers from Nahargaon. These vehicles brought in approximately 6,657 tourists, who contributed a total nuisance fee of Rs. 66,570. The collected amount will not only provide employment opportunities for the local youth but also contribute to biodiversity conservation and promote a plastic-free environment in the area, as stated by Forester Pradeep Chavan.


The popularity of Naneghat as a tourist destination has soared, particularly on the last weekend of the month of Ashadh, due to the ongoing rainfall and the closure of Malshej Ghat for tourists. Naneghat has long been a preferred destination during the monsoon season, attracting visitors from Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Nashik, and Nagar. Tourists are drawn to the picturesque landscape adorned with lush paddy fields and overflowing streams. The British-era Phadke Dam, in particular, has become a hotspot, where tourists relish sitting by the sparkling white water flowing from the dam’s steps.


However, the surge in visitors also led to traffic congestion along the Apatale to Naneghat road. Local authorities, including Ghatghar Sarpanch Manoj Nangre, former Sarpanch Popat Ravte, and residents such as Anil Ravte and Raghu Ravte, have appealed for road widening to alleviate the challenges faced by vehicles navigating the muddy roadside.


To ensure a hassle-free and secure experience for tourists, the Joint Forest Management Committee has implemented nuisance charges since July 5th. Consumption of alcohol has been strictly prohibited in the Ghatghar area, and security guards have been deployed to maintain vigilance and prevent any disturbances caused by unruly individuals.



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