Pune PMC News | Residents Disturbed by Mosquito Infestation Linked to Hyacinth Spread in Katraj Lake
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Pune: Pune PMC News | The arrival of the monsoon season has caused a proliferation of hyacinth plants in Katraj Lake, which has become a source of concern for local residents. The excessive growth of these plants has led to a mosquito infestation, resulting in cases of malaria and restricted outdoor activities for children. Despite the PMC’s efforts to control the weed growth by fumigating the lake’s banks and employing drones to spray anti-larvae substances, the desired outcomes have been limited.


Residents are drawing attention to the accumulation of rainwater in various areas as a contributing factor to the surge in mosquito population within the neighborhood.


Ganesh Kamle a resident elaborated that rainwater has gathered in several areas, creating optimal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. He added, “This has become a serious concern, as some residents in my building have unfortunately contracted malaria.”


Manisha Pillai, another resident, voiced her frustration, saying, “I have tried numerous mosquito repellents available in the market, but none seem to be effective. I resort to burning coils, using a diffuser, and spraying insect repellent after sundown, just to find temporary relief.” She also highlighted the unbearable living conditions, particularly on the lower floors of buildings, where the stagnant water has become infested with mosquito larvae.


Jyoti Pawar, a mother of two children, expressed her distress over the impact on their daily activities, stating, “Due to the mosquitoes, the children in our society cannot utilize the play area. Previously, I used to send them out to play after applying mosquito repellent cream, but now, with the increased mosquito population, they return home covered in bites.”


Assuring residents, Dr. Bhagwan Pawar, the PMC health officer, stated, “We will promptly address the issue by liaising with the Katraj ward office and implementing frequent fumigation. A dedicated team will be dispatched this week to effectively address the situation.”


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