Pune: Private Vehicle Mimicking Government Car Surfaces in Chandannagar Police Station; Resident Demands Official High-Level Inquiry into Case


Pune: A shocking incident of painting a private vehicle like the vehicle provided by the state government for the official use of police and using it for government work has come to light in Chandannagar Police Station. In this regard, Amol Baburao Nikalje has sought information through the Right to Information.

The state government provides official vehicles to the police force for government work. In spite of that, police personnel from Chandannagar police station were seen using private vehicles that resembled government vehicles by painting them alike. Nikalje has alleged that the police force is using these vehicles for government work.

A private vehicle (MH 12 NU 8642) was found parked on the premises of Chandannagar Police Station. Nikalje alleged that this lookalike of a government vehicle does not belong to the state government but to a person named Chandrakant Baliram Bhosale. Nikalje further argued that this vehicle is being used by the officials to transport the accused.

Also, the number of this vehicle does not match the number of vehicles provided by the state government. “This number is not recorded anywhere in the vehicle numbers provided by the government,” Nikalje said. In this case, Nikalje questioned the need to use this sham vehicle in spite of government vehicles, especially when there are enough government vehicles with the government.

Nikalje demanded a thorough inquiry into this alleged violation of government rules and also asked whether the cost and fuel of these private vehicles come from the government treasury.

He said that the matter should be investigated by a competent authority at a higher level, and if the allegations against the concerned officer are clear in the investigation, they should be investigated, and administrative action should be taken against them based on the relevant clauses of the service rules in the Maharashtra Civil Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1979 (Conduct).

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