Pune Railway Division | Pune Railway Division Aims To Enhance Parcel Security with New Scanners


Pune: The Pune Railway Division has taken a significant step towards enhancing security and improving operational efficiency by awarding a contract through e-auction for the provision of two scanners at the Pune parcel office. This contract, spanning three years, aims to scan all outgoing parcels and ensure the safety and tracking of packages.


The successful bidder will be required to pay an annual license fee of Rs. 30 lakhs, resulting in a total contract value of Rs. 90 lakhs over the next three years. The introduction of parcel scanners in the e-auction tender module not only opens up new opportunities for revenue generation but also strengthens the division’s commitment to maximizing non-fare revenue sources.


The implementation of these scanners will significantly enhance security measures at Pune station, allowing for efficient scanning and tracking of outgoing parcels. This streamlined process will not only safeguard the parcels but also maintain high service standards. The Pune Railway Division’s focus on leveraging innovative avenues for revenue growth while improving operations showcases its dedication to providing a safe and efficient railway service for passengers and freight alike


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