Pune University – SPPU News | Pune University to Introduce Integrated Courses in Line with National Education Policy


Pune : Pune University – SPPU News | In a significant move towards implementing the National Education Policy (NEP), Savitribai Phule Pune University has announced the introduction of a five-year integrated course at its academic complex. The Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Suresh Gosavi, shared this development during a press conference held at the university. The decision aims to enhance the academic standards of the institution while aligning with the reforms outlined in the NEP.


Under the new educational system, postgraduate courses will be shortened to one year for students pursuing a four-year degree program. To accommodate this change, the university will initiate a five-year integrated course, combining undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Further details regarding the course structure and curriculum will be released in the coming days. Dr. Gosavi clarified that existing postgraduate courses will continue for students who have completed the traditional three-year degree program.


The university’s vision extends beyond the implementation of the NEP. Dr. Gosavi highlighted several areas of focus, including faculty recruitment, carbon emissions reduction, and research on green hydrogen. Emphasizing the importance of innovation in the curriculum, he expressed the need to equip students with skills that foster employability. Additionally, with the establishment of cluster universities, attention will be directed towards strengthening the institution’s financial resources.


To ensure the quality and effectiveness of education, Dr. Gosavi announced his plans to conduct educational reviews across various departments of the university. This commitment to continuous improvement reflects the university’s dedication to providing students with a robust learning environment that prepares them for future challenges and opportunities.


The implementation of the NEP in autonomous colleges marks a significant step towards transforming the Indian education system. By embracing integrated courses and fostering innovation, institutions like Savitribai Phule Pune University are paving the way for a more comprehensive and dynamic learning experience. The focus on academic excellence, research, and sustainability demonstrates the university’s commitment to shaping well-rounded individuals equipped to contribute meaningfully to society.



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