Ravindra Dhangekar: MLA Ravindra Dhangekar asks government to provide jobs to youths instead of beer


PUNE: Policenama online – Pune News | Congress MLA Ravindra Dhangekar made a demand to the state government that it should provide full time jobs to youths instead of turning their attention towards beer. He asked why the state government wanted to reduce the excise duty on beer and asked whether it wanted to turn Maharashtra into Madyarashtra. (Pune News)

The state government has appointed a group to study about the possibility of reducing the excise duty on beer. The group is going to suggest ways to attract people to beer. Against this background, Ravindra Dhangekar has sent a letter to CM Eknath Shinde asking him to dissolve this group and demanded that he should not turn Maharashtra into a Madyarashtra.

Dhangekar said, “The study group has been formed to reduce the excise duty on beer because the high excise duty is leading to reduction in sale of beer. Actually, this is the ideological and moral bankruptcy of the state government. This decision will help in making the youths addicted to alcohol. I think that this may be an economic conspiracy of the government and beer manufacturers.”

“The prices of essential goods have gone through the roof. It is becoming difficult to keep the home fires burning. The youths are jobless. The state government has failed to provide them with permanent jobs. The soyabean is not getting a good price. The problem of drinking water is becoming a serious issue in rural areas. Despite these problems, the state government is taking a decision to make youths addicted to beer. This is a wrong decision and the state government should immediate withdraw this decision,” Dhangekar has stated in the letter.

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