Colombo, Dec 27 (UNI)- Sri Lanka’s National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU) said on Wednesday that it will inspect all examination centers for mosquito breeding sites before the GCE A-Level examinations (university entrance exams) on Jan. 4.

In a statement, the NDCU said a comprehensive anti-dengue program would ensure a safe and healthy testing environment for all students and teachers.

The NDCU officers will inspect all examination centers, focusing on potential mosquito breeding areas like ponds and drainage systems, the NDCU said.

The NDCU said the examination department has identified schools deemed at higher risk of dengue based on reported cases.

Based on the identified risk levels, schools will be scheduled for thorough fumigation to effectively eliminate adult mosquitoes and further minimize the risk of dengue transmission during the exam period, which is scheduled on Jan. 4 to 31, the NDCU said.

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