PM ignored CAG report on railway safety but spent crores of rupees on his image makeover: NCP
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Mumbai, June 5 (UNI) Chief spokesperson of the NCP Mahesh Tapase on Monday accused that, a record number of railway derailments, accidents, injuries and fatalities have happened in the past 9 years of Modi’s misrule.

Tapase in his statement stated that, the CAG report titled Derailment in Indian Railways had highlighted multiple shortfalls ranging up to 100 percent in various aspects of rail safety, audit and inspection.

Where Modi spent millions on his personal image makeover, he completely ignored rail safety leading to the death of almost 300 people and injury to 900 in a tragic rail accident in Odisha, he alleged.

The BJP Government should explain to the people why the CAG report was ignored when such serious observations were cited.

Had the Rail Ministry acted on the report this tragedy could have been averted, he asked.

The railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw should accept moral responsibility and resign immediately Tapase demanded.



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