Pune News | 6 residents rescued as staircase, wall collapses of wada in Shukrawar Peth
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Pune: Policenama online  – Pune News | Due to the heavy rain in the city, the staircase and a part of a wall of Karande wada, which was in a dilapidated condition, located at Nehru Chowk in Shukrawar Peth collapsed. Six residents who were trapped on the upper floor were rescued by the firemen. The incident took place on Saturday at 7.20 am. (Pune News)


The fire brigade officials said the wada is 80 years old. The wada which has been built with sand and bricks is a two-storey structure. On Saturday at 7.20 am, the staircase of the wada collapsed and the fire brigade was informed that some people were trapped. A vehicle of the fire brigade immediately reached the spot.


Six people were trapped on the upper floor of the wada. The firemen created a way by removing the sand and the bricks. Later, by using the ladder, the six people were safely rescued. They have been identified as Uma Jannu (55), Gopal Jannu (70), Kiran Jannu (35), Shobha Satpute (64), Gangu Bobde (30) and Vikas Bobde (28).


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