Pune News | Residents of Pune and Mumbai Unite to Tackle Stray Dog Menace; Demanding a 10-Point Agenda
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Pune: Pune News | In a powerful show of solidarity, around 500 individuals from various societies in Pune and Mumbai have joined hands with Bramha SunCity, a housing society in Pune, to confront the growing stray dog epidemic. The community, grappling with an alarming increase in the number of stray canines, has taken a firm stand by demanding the strict implementation of a 10-point agenda to address the issue effectively.

Adding weight to their cause, Senior BJP politician and former Union Minister, Vijay Goel, renowned for his anti-stray dog campaign in Delhi, has pledged his support to tackle the long-standing problem.

Over the past decade, Bramha SunCity has witnessed a distressing surge in the population of stray dogs, skyrocketing from a few to a daunting 60-70. This situation not only highlights the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) failure to execute successful sterilization efforts but also the unauthorized migration and breeding of these dogs within the society premises. Residents have been troubled by tick infestations, dog waste littering playgrounds, parks, pathways, and even swimming pool areas. Moreover, the frequency of dog attacks on people has become a pressing concern for safety and wellbeing.

One particularly harrowing incident involved a young boy who suffered a category 3 dog bite after being attacked by a group of aggressive strays that were being fed within the community. In response, the PMC made attempts to remove the hostile dogs from the area. However, an NGO volunteer, not residing in the community, obtained a Bombay High Court (HC) ruling for the return of the dogs citing Animal Birth Control (ABC) Rules. This decision prompted the society to approach the Supreme Court, seeking a stay on the HC ruling. Thankfully, the plea was granted, thanks to the support of numerous intervenors from across India, facing similar challenges.

Taking the matter further, Nagendra Rampuria, a resident of Bramha SunCity, met with Vijay Goel in Delhi to apprise him of the societal issues posed by the stray dog problem and seek alternative solutions to mitigate animal-human conflicts.

During his visit to Pune, Vijay Goel addressed the concerned inhabitants of Bramha SunCity, accompanied by former BJP City Unit President Jagdish Mulik and Ex PMC Standing Committee Chairman Yogesh Mulik. Goel presented a comprehensive 10-point program that encompasses 100% sterilization of stray dogs, provision of anti-rabies injections, establishment of permanent shelter homes, effective management of frequent biting incidents, implementation of a robust dog adoption policy, and provision of compensation and free treatment for dog bite victims.

Residents have also expressed their worries about safety, health, and the harassment they face from dog feeders who often file false reports. Bramha SunCity, backed by nearly 500 residents, including senior citizens, mothers, children, and society staff, is determined to approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Their aim is to safeguard the fundamental right to life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution and make their voices heard on this pressing and critical issue that impacts the welfare of the community and the well-being of all its residents.

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