Pune PMC News | PMC App: A New Technological Initiative for Citizen Queries and Complaints


Pune : Pune PMC News | The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is constantly striving to enhance its services and facilities for the citizens of the city. In line with this commitment, the development of the ‘PMC App’ is currently underway, incorporating new technology to facilitate the registration of civil queries and complaints with the Municipal Corporation.


Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar shared this information, stating that the app is in its final stages of development and will soon be available to the public. The Information and Technology Department of the municipality is diligently working on updating the citizens’ app, ensuring that it incorporates the latest technology for a seamless user experience.


Under the PMC Care initiative, various mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, the PMC website, a call center, and the Pune Connect App have already been made accessible to citizens for reporting queries and complaints. These platforms enable residents to register a range of concerns, including issues like water supply disruptions, malfunctioning streetlights, potholes on roads, open drainage chamber lids, encroachments on footpaths, and unauthorized flexes and hoardings. Once a complaint is lodged, the relevant departments within the Municipal Corporation take appropriate action to address the issue. The concerned complainant is then duly informed about the progress and resolution of their complaint.


By the introduction of the PMC App the municipality is leveraging technology for efficient governance and citizen engagement. With this app, residents will have an additional avenue to voice their concerns and seek timely resolution from the Municipal Corporation. By embracing digital solutions, PMC aims to streamline the complaint management process and enhance transparency in its operations.



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