Purandar Airport News | Residents of seven villages raise black flags on their houses to protest against Purandar airport project


PUNE / SASWAD : Policenama online – Purandar Airport News | The state government has decided to construct an international airport in Vanpuri, Udachiwadi, Pargaon, Kumbharvalan, Ekhatpur-Munjuvadi and Khanvadi villages of Purandar taluka. (Purandar Airport News)

However, the villagers have decided that they will not allow the project to be set up in their villages. What is surprising is despite the increasing protests from villagers to the project, the state government is making new announcements. However, since the state government is making different announcements without holding discussions with the villagers for seven years, the residents of these villages have installed black gudhis (flag) on their house and voiced their protest against their project.

The government has announced that 2,832 hectare land will be acquired in Vanpuri, Udachiwadi, Pargaon, Kumbarvalan, Ekhatpur Munjuwadi and Khanvadi villages for constructing the airport. Since a huge quantity of land will be acquired, the villages will become project affected and residents will have to leave their homes permanently and locate elsewhere. This has increased the worries of the villagers. Hence, they are opposing the project from the beginning. However, the state government is making plans for acquiring the land without considering the views of residents or holding a dialogue with them.

A protest was registered by villages by raising black flags on their houses under the leadership of former sarpanch Namdev Kumbharkar at Vanpuri. Lankesh Mahamuni, Shivaji Kumbharkar, Manikrao Kumbharkar, Rajendra Kumbharkar, Shankar Kumbharkar, Annaso Kumbharkar, Sharad Kumbharkar and villagers and women were present.

Last month, residents of seven villages had staged a protest at Pargaon to oppose the project. It had been decided that on October 2, black flags would be raised on the houses to register their protest. Accordingly, on Monday, the residents of seven villages registered their protest by raising black flags and firmly resolved that they will not allow the project to be built.

“We are connected with this land since many generations and why we should go away? Farmers are sowing various fruits on their land. The water from the Purandar project had reached the farms of everyone. The land is very fertile and we are very happy here. Since the land where sugarcane is cultivated has increased, we want a sugar factory to be set up and we will not allow the airport to be built here,” said former sarpanch of Vanpuri Namdev Kumbharkar.

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