Pune News | Pune District Central Cooperative Bank Empowers Farmers with Crop Loans
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Pune : Pune News | In a move to support farmers in the region, the Pune District Central Cooperative Bank (PDCC) has disbursed a total crop loan of Rs. 1,784 crore 84 lakh 97 thousand, benefiting over two lakh farmers. This accounts for 94.44 percent of the total target set for the Kharif crop season.


The crop loan distribution will continue for 3 months, allowing farmers in the district to avail themselves of this financial assistance for the next three months. This initiative aims to provide crucial support to farmers during the Kharif season, enabling them to meet their agricultural needs effectively.


The PDCC has set a target of Rs. 1,890 crore for the distribution of crop loans in the current Kharif season. This target was announced by the President of the district bank, Prof. Dr. Digambar Durgade, on Thursday. The bank remains committed to ensuring that eligible farmers have access to the necessary funds for their agricultural activities.


Comparing the loan distribution statistics to the previous year, the increase in crop loan disbursal is evident. For last year’s Kharif season crops, a total of Rs. 1,564 crore 95 lakh 61 thousand was allocated, accounting for 86.86 percent of the target. This year, the allocation has increased by 7.58 percent, reflecting the bank’s dedication to empowering farmers and meeting their financial requirements more effectively.


The current status of Kharif crop loan allocation is as follows:

Total target of loan disbursement for Kharif: Rs. 1,890 Crores
Loan disbursement completed so far: Rs. 1,784 crore 84 lakh 97 thousand
Farmers who have benefited from crop loans: 2 lakh 1 thousand 580
Loan disbursement ratio in percentage: 94.44 percent
Increase in percentage compared to last year: 7.58 percent
Prof. Dr. Digambar Durgade, Chairman of the Pune District Central Cooperative Bank, emphasized the bank’s commitment to ensuring that crop loans are distributed to all eligible farmers in the district. The bank’s policy revolves around providing loans to all deserving farmers, ensuring that no eligible farmer is deprived of this crucial financial support. Furthermore, farmers who have taken crop loans of up to three lakh rupees continue to benefit from a zero percent interest rate, as has been the case in previous years.



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