Pune PMC News | Pune Municipal Corporation to Discontinue Water Supply to Uruli Devachi and Fursungi
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Pune : Pune PMC News | The Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP), also known as the Water Supply and Sanitation Department, is implementing a water scheme separately for the villages of Uruli Devachi and Fursungi. However, a recent notification has announced the formation of a town council that will oversee both villages. In light of this development, the Municipal Corporation has raised concerns regarding the financial burden associated with the maintenance and repair of this water scheme. The corporation has communicated its feedback to the Urban Development Department of the State, emphasizing the need to ensure that the responsibility for the scheme does not fall on the Municipal Corporation. It is anticipated that a decision will be made by the Urban Development Department.


As the municipal waste from both Uruli Devachi and Fursungi villages is deposited within the village limits, the government was requested to bear the cost of operating the water scheme as well as the expenses related to its maintenance and repairs. The Maharashtra Life Authority is currently implementing a water scheme with a capacity of 33 million liters for these villages. The Municipal Corporation has shouldered the costs of the scheme, which includes the construction of water channels and storage tanks. So far, the corporation has allocated a fund of 31 crores for this purpose.


In response to the state government’s request for feedback, the Municipal Corporation has taken a firm stance that the financial burden of the operation and maintenance of the water scheme should not be placed on the corporation. The corporation recognizes the importance of ensuring that the responsibility for the scheme is appropriately distributed to avoid placing an additional financial burden on the already strained resources of the Municipal Corporation.


The corporation’s position reflects the need for a fair and equitable distribution of responsibilities among the relevant authorities involved in the implementation and maintenance of essential infrastructure projects. By urging the Urban Development Department to consider alternative funding mechanisms or support for the water scheme, the Municipal Corporation aims to protect its financial resources while ensuring the successful and uninterrupted provision of water services to the residents of Uruli Devachi and Fursungi.


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