PMPML News in dire straits: 20 chairpersons in 16 years; Lack of effective implementation of plans makes it worse


PUNE: Policenama online  PMPML News | Around 1,600 buses of PMPML operate in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad and Pune district. Twelve lakh citizens travel by them and the transport utility employs 10,000 people. In the last 16 years, the PMPML has had 20 chairpersons but the lack of planning and effective implementation continues and no chairman except one has been able to complete his tenure. (PMPML News)

Hence, PMPML’s condition is worsening day by day.

The combined population of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad is more than 70 lakh. PMPML has 2,000 buses but considering the population, it needs 2,000 more buses. However, lack of adequate buses and effective implementation has made things worse for the transport utility. PMPML CMD Sachindra Pratap Singh has been transferred after four months to the Divyang Welfare Department. Now, SG Kolte has been appointed as CMD of PMPML.

PMPML was formed in 2007 by merging PMT and PCMT. Officials like Subrao Patil, Ashwinikumar, Nitin Khade, Mahesh Zagde, Shirish Karle, Dilip Band, RN Joshi, RR Jadhav, Dr Shrikar Pardeshi, Kunal Kumar, Abhishek Krishna, Tukaram Munde, Nayana Gunde, Rajendra Jagtap, Kunal Khemnar, Laxminarayan Mishra, Omprakash Bakoria and Sachindra Pratap Singh were appointed as chairpersons.

Apart from RN Joshi, no other official was able to complete his tenure in PMPML. Mahesh Zagde, Shirish Karle, Dilip Band, Dr Shrikar Pardeshi, Omprakash Bakoria, Kunal Kumar and Kunal Khemnar were in-charge officials of PMPML. After Rajendra Jagtap resigned as chairman, Addl Commissioner Kunal Khemnar had been given additional responsibility of PMPML. The state government has been unsuccessful in appointing a full-time chairman. Like the Congress and NCP alliance, the Shiv Sena-BJP government also could not appoint a chairman for a full tenure.

In 16 years, PMPML had a full-time chairman 11 times and nine officials had additional responsibility of the utility. Of them, nine officials had a tenure of less than a year in PMPML. Hence, in 16 years, 20 chairmen have come and gone. Omprakash Bakoria was transferred in less than 10 months. The government needs to ensure that the chairman of PMPML would complete his tenure.

Many officials tried to implement good programmes and inculcate discipline in workers. Various measures were undertaken to improve PMPML services. When Tukaram Mundhe was the chairman of PMPML, he had inculcated discipline among workers. He had taken disciplinary action against careless workers and officials. During his tenure, the working of PMPML had improved. However, Mundhe was transferred within a year. Later, PMPML’s functioning was affected.

If chairmen are changed frequently, continuity of various schemes is badly affected. Each chairman wants to implement his own plan and hence, this leads to inconsistent implementation of schemes. Hence, lack of planning an effective implementation has made things worse for PMPML.

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