Pune News: Five mishaps in six months: Redbird Academy’s operations suspended


PUNE / BARAMATI: Policenama online – Pune News | Director for Flying Training Captain Anil Gill of DGCA has issued orders that the activities of Redbird Flight Training Academy, operating from Baramati industrial area, should be immediately suspended. In the last six months, five accidents have taken place involving the aircraft of the company. The DGCA has taken action by taking note of the crash of Tecnam P 2008J aircraft. An email has been sent to the company asking it to immediately stop its operations. (Pune News )

Anil Gill has mentioned in the email that this is the fifth accident involving an aircraft of the company. The accidents have taken place due to technical faults and lack of maintenance. The DGCA is going to examine the repair and maintenance facilities of the company. It is going to check the capability and powers of the designated examiners. Till all checks are completed, the company has been told to immediately halt its operations.

DGCA was forced to take action as two accidents took place in three days involving aircraft of Redbird Flight Training Academy. Three people were injured in accidents and fortunately, there was no loss of life. The accidents have taken place near the railway tracks. Villagers and people residing in the industrial area were living under a shadow of fear. Villagers used to get scared if they saw an aircraft in the air. Hence, the DGCA will carry out a thorough probe and give further instructions to Redbird company about its operations.
In Baramati, two accidents took place involving aircraft of the company but it did not issue any official statement.

After journalists tried to seek information, company officials were evasive. On Thursday, the aircraft involved in the mishap was covered. An aircraft of the company crashed in an open area on Sunday. It appears that the company is not serious about the accidents.

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