Punit Balan Group (PBG) : Financial aid from Punit Balan Group and Oxyrich Group will help us to groom talented youths in 21 districts, says MCA President Rohit Pawar


Punit Balan Group and Oxyrich Group become Associate Group Partners of MCA

PUNE:  Policenama online – Punit Balan Group | The Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) is finding young talent in cricket and trying to send them abroad to take part in international competitions. The Punit Balan Group which supports sportspersons in various disciplines and Oxyrich Group have decided to give financial boost to MCA’s efforts. The groups are going to give an aid of ₹5 crore per year for five years i.e. ₹25 crore MCA President MLA Rohit Pawar expressed hope that good cricketers will be groomed from rural areas. (Punit Balan Group)

The MCA jersey was inaugurated in the presence of Rohit Pawar, MCA’s directors and Punit Balan Group’s CMD Punit Balan. Both Pawar and Balan made an announcement about the MoU between MCA and the Punit Balan Group.

Rohit Pawar said that through MCA, under-14, under-16 and under-19 cricket tournaments are organised in 21 districts. The organisation of these tournaments and provision of facilities to players involves some expenditure.

“MCA makes efforts to ensure that talented players should be selected in MPL, IPL, Ranji and the national team. Punit Balan, who has given financial aid to various sports events and sportspersons, came forward to support MCA for development of cricket. After discussing the issue in a meeting of the board of directors, we decided to make both the groups as associate partners as per BCCI norms. It will help us to organise cricket tournaments in a better manner in the future. It will be possible to develop MCA grounds and help needy and deserving players,” Rohit Pawar said.

MCA President and MLA Rohit Pawar said, “MCA contacted many business groups for associate partnership and financial aid. However, Punit Balan Group and Oxyrich Group approached us on their own and decided to provide substantial financial aid. They also gave ₹5 crore to MCA for the first year’s aid. Punit Balan is doing good work not only in the sports field but also in public life. We all know about the help provided by him to various Ganesh mandals. A person needs to have a big heart to do so and his decision is immensely praiseworthy.”


Better facilities would be provided at Gahunje stadium
before the next WC match, says Rohit Pawar

MCA President Rohit Pawar said that some shortcomings regarding parking, drinking water and toilet facilities came to light during the World Cup match between India and Bangladesh at MCA stadium at Gahunje. “Four more World Cup matches are going to be held at the stadium. The MCA has taken some decisions to provide adequate facilities and they will be implemented before the next match. However, the work of the DP road going towards the stadium will take eight to nine months. We are doing a follow-up with the PCMC for this road. We have requested the CM that the work on this road should be expedited,” he said.

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